Master Training Series

Thank you for your interest in our Wispy Volume Virtual Training Course. This course will be taught by Woahlash's founder and lead educator, who is 10X's certified, Lucy Wo.


Finally,  Woahlash's most popular set and its secrets are available to all lash artist.


We aimed to creat a course that would be as effective and detailed as one conducted in person.


This course is recommended for intermediate to advance lash artist who are familiar with Volume sets. If you are not familiar with Volume yet, we highly recommends taking our virtual Volume course first. 


The video features 6 different angles to insure you truly understand the placement and mapping; as well as, in-depth walkthrough on how to create and place spikes. By the end of the course, you will be able to create a Wispy Volume Full Set from start to finish, know how to do a refill when client comes back, and edit pictures that showcases your evolved artistry. There will be 2 options for purchase available.


Option 2  includes:  

  • Theory on Wispy Volume

  • Differences in Diameter

  • Pinching and pick up technique

  • Glue Discussion 

  • Eyelash Mapping for Wispy Volume 

  • Spike Video

  • How to edit pictures 

  • How to do a Wispy Volume Refill

  • FaceTime for 1 model walk through for 2.5 hours FULL WISPY VOLUME SET.


Wispy Volume Master Virtual Training Course (Pre-Order)

$889.00 Regular Price
$444.50Sale Price